Welcome to The Lively Lunchbox

Welcome to The Lively Lunchbox.  I’ve been considering creating a blog featuring my son’s lunchbox meals for quite some time.  Last year, when he was is Kindergarten, I was posting some pictures of his lunchbox to my original blog, Veggie Inspired Journey.  However, that blog was intended to be only vegan/plant based and my son is not.  When I posted pictures that contained meat or dairy, I did clearly note that, but I figured it was better suited elsewhere.  Thus, the creation of The Lively Lunchbox.

I hope you will find inspiration beyond peanut butter and jelly (though we do eat a LOT of that!), prepackaged fruit snacks or cookies and an apple.  We are definitely heavy on the fruit and veggies, but like I said, my son eats meat and dairy too, so you will find it all here.

Don’t expect me to be cutting his fruit into cute little animal shapes or Disney characters because that is just not happening!  I do have a dinosaur sandwich cutter that I use sometimes, but other than that, forget it.  I want this to be a real example of how busy families can make it work without the Lunchables.

The lunchbox that I use most frequently is the Planetbox.  It’s a little pricey, but it’s quality stainless steel and I feel like it will last a long, long time.  It can go in the dishwasher, though its just as easy to wash by hand (which I usually do because then I pack it back up right away).  Over the weekend, I’ll sometimes throw it in the dishwasher for a good sanitizing.  I love that it has 5 compartments and the lid is attached on a hinge…no pieces to lose!  It comes with two different size containers with lids that are leak proof…one is large for pastas with sauce or salads with dressing, etc., the other is smaller for dips and sauces on the side.  Both of these separate containers fit right into one of the compartments of the lunchbox so it’s all stored neatly.

School starts one week from TODAY!  M is excited to see who is in his class and he’s already been thinking about what he wants for lunch for his first day back.  Here is what he requested for last year’s first day of school:

Black Bean Rollups

Black Bean Roll Ups (cream cheese, black beans and sweet red pepper all wrapped up in a tortilla and cut into bite size pieces), Red Grapes, Sweet Red Pepper Strips, Sugar Snap Peas, Peach Slices and a mini Cashew Cookie Larabar

Here is my original back to school lunchbox post last year.


Thanks for checking out my new blog.  If you are looking for your own lunchbox inspiration, please follow me!


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