Day 3 – Ham, Hummus and Mustard Rollups

Matthew requested more grapes for today, red pepper slices and string cheese.  I add the ham, hummus and mustard rollups for some protein and extra staying power.  

I used Applegate Naturals uncured slow cooked ham. It has no nitrates and no antibiotics.  Boars Head makes good quality deli meats too.  The string cheese is Trader Joe’s Organic String Cheese.

With a rolling pin I pressed a slice of rye bread to make it thinner and then spread a thin layer of hummus and mustard on it followed by 2 slices of thinly sliced ham.  Roll it up and slice into bite size pieces.  Obviously, a tortilla would work too, but I think ham and rye go nicely together.  

Day 3 - Ham & Mustard Rollup

Ham, Hummus & Mustard on Rye Rollups, Organic String Cheese, Sweet Red Pepper Slices, Organic Green Grapes


2 thoughts on “Day 3 – Ham, Hummus and Mustard Rollups

  1. Boars Head also makes almost entirely vegetarian cheese as well, meaning the rennet used to make it is sourced from plants as opposed to veal calf stomachs. We also love Applegate farms lunchmeat!


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