Day 11 – Veggies and Spicy Hummus

So, I’m trying something new with M….less food.  He’s been coming home nearly every day with only about 1/2 of his lunch eaten.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t go to waste, he usually finishes it at home for an afternoon snack.  I finally found out that they have snack time just one hour before lunch time.  And by the time they actually get cleaned up, grab their snack bag and get back to their seats and eat their snack. it’s only about 40 minutes before they start eating lunch.  Not a schedule I’m fond of, I have to say (last year he had snack time right before they left at the end of the day….that makes more sense to me).

Anyway, it turns out that he’s just not that hungry when he gets to lunch because of this.  I am happy to report, however, that what he usually eats first is fruits and veggies. So, today, I’m loading him up with veggies. He told me yesterday that he LOVED the spicy hummus and he now wants to eat that with EVERYTHING.  Score!  I added in a Nature’s Bakery Blueberry Fig Bar and a few crackers to round it out.  He’ll be getting fruit in his snack bag.

I’m also trying out these new lunch containers because they are smaller.  They are Easy Lunchboxes. These will still fit in the same lunch bag he’s been using with the Planetbox, which is good.  The lid is separate, though, so let’s hope it all makes it home at the end of the day.  🙂

Day 11 - Veggie and Spicy Hummus


Red Bell Pepper Strips, Carrot Sticks, Sugar Snap Peas, Late July Organic Crackers, Spicy Hummus, Nature’s Bakery Blueberry Fig Bar


Do you have to send a snack as well as lunch with your littles?  What’s your favorite snack to send?


9 thoughts on “Day 11 – Veggies and Spicy Hummus

  1. How did you like the Easy Lunchboxes? I’ve seen mixed reviews. I use the Ziploc ones but cannot for the life of me find them anywhere right now (they must be sold out). I like the divided ones with 3 sections and found these.


    • I like them (lid fits securely but still easy to open), but the biggest space is still pretty big. I feel like I need some more dividers if I send him with a more “snacky” type lunch, which he seems to be preferring these days, but if thats the case, then I should probably just use the Planetbox. I know I can get some silicone baking cups to use as dividers, but I’m still trying to decide what’s best. I don’t want to spend more money on something I don’t really need, ya know? Sooo, we are still trying to figure out what’s best. Last year, the Planetbox was perfect and he ate everything more than 80% of the time. This year, with snack being RIGHT before lunchtime, I’m still trying to figure out how much food he’s really going to eat. Ugh, parenting dilemmas. LOL!


      • I SO know what you mean! It’s all finding that perfect balance of container and food for the kid. And every kid is different. I read that the Easy Lunchboxes weren’t spill proof, and that made me step back before purchasing them. I don’t need to deal with leaks! HA!


      • No, they aren’t leakproof. I know they sell little mini dippers (I think they call them) for dips and sauces. They fit right in the little compartments. I do feel like the main lid is a bit more secure than the Planetbox. I’ve had a few minor messes from the Planetbox….juices from berries or something leaking out just a bit. It was easy to clean though. I remember when I was looking all over for that perfect lunchbox before Kindergarten last year, I thought ‘they just don’t make what I’m looking for’!


      • It’s time to start our own businesses! 😉 I like the idea of small containers for dips (my 4 year old loves having things to open), but I can’t handle food getting into other food. That’s what I love about the Ziploc ones. A true seal. 🙂


  2. I’ve seen those silicone muffin cups and have debated buying them. Just not sure I NEED them, ya know? But if we continue using this new lunchbox, I might have to give them a whirl.


  3. It took me a good week to figure out the right amount of food for my little guy’s lunches. I’ve been using the Easy Lunchboxes for a couple of years and really like them – for added separation I’ll use square silicone muffin cups – work like a charm and up to 4 can fit in the large space in the container.


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