Day 25 – Black Bean Salsa Burger

You guys, this burger recipe is so simple, your kids could probably make it themselves…except for the stovetop part.  It has only 4 ingredients and you likely have them all in your pantry right now. This is my go to when I have nothing planned for dinner and I don’t feel like cooking. Seriously, 5 minutes later and dinner is on the table.  Leftovers freezer really well, so I suggest making a double batch so you can stick them in your kids lunch.  Super healthy and delicious.  Get the recipe for Black Bean Salsa Burgers.

M has been on a carrot kick lately, actually requesting them in tomorrow’s lunch.  I added some red bell pepper slices, a pickle (in parchment paper so it doesn’t leak) and ketchup and mustard in the little tin.  I keep the ketchup and mustard separate so the bun doesn’t get soggy.  He can spread those on the burger himself at lunchtime.

Day 25 - Black Bean Salsa Burger


Black Bean Salsa Burger, Pickle, Carrot Sticks, Red Bell Pepper Strips, Ketchup and Mustard


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