Day 50 – Happy Halloween


I am so not one to get cutesy with M’s lunch.  However, I do have these cute Halloween cookie cutters that I got for super cheap on clearance last year and I don’t plan on baking sugar cookies anytime soon.  Therefore, to assure they are not a total waste, I am using them to cut other foods…like the mozzarella the other day…and today, the PB&J (that’s a ghost by the way…can you tell?).

I also decided to make a cute little pumpkin out of the clementine, which is actually easier than what I normally do. No need to pull apart the slices…only peel.  So, making a little clementine pumpkin will actually save you about 10 seconds.  Your welcome.  I cut a sliver off of one of the grapes and stuck it in the center of the clementine for the stem.  That took about 5 seconds, so I guess you really only save 5 overall.

Leftover green beans from the other night complete the meal.

Happy Halloween!



Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Bread w/ Smuckers Organic Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter & St. Dalfour Fig Jelly, Clementine Pumpkin, Grapes, Green Beans



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