Day 53 – Almond Butter and Jelly and Granola

Remember that Almond Butter and Jelly Dino I put in M’s lunchbox on Monday? Well, that Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter makes TWO halves. The other half has been sitting in the fridge in a little Tupperware just waiting for it’s turn. Today is the day.

The rest of the orange bell pepper strips and a clementine pulled apart into slices fulfills our fruit and veggie quota.

Gingerbread granola with a few chocolate chips thrown on top for good measure completes the meal.

Day 53 - AB&J and Granola

Almond Butter and Fig Jelly Sandwich on White Whole Wheat, Clementine, Orange Bell Pepper Strips, Homemade Gingerbread Granola and Trader Joe’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (dairy free)


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