Day 56 – Salami and Healthy Cookies

I’m writing this at almost 11pm Sunday night.  I just made M’s lunch 5 minutes ago.  I am test cooking for Once a Month Meals again this month and I’ve literally been cooking for 10 hours today.  The good news to all that is that now my freezer is stocked with a MONTH’s worth of meals!  15 recipes, 30 meals (each recipe served twice), for 5 people.  Considering I usually spend 30 minutes to an hour every day cooking dinner, I’d say 10 hours in one day is totally worth it to be done with a month’s worth of meals!  Check out Once a Month Meals if you are interested in batch cooking and being stress free at dinner time.

Ok, back to the task at hand.  The hubby loves salami and he requested some when I went grocery shopping this time.  M loves it too, so he’s getting a salami sandwich for lunch today before hubby eats it all.  🙂  Cantaloupe and a pickle fulfill the fruit and veggie quota….sort of.

And a little healthy treat for dessert….Raisin Breakfast Cookies.  These cookies were part of my test cooking menu for Once a Month Meals.  They have almond butter, chopped almonds, raisins and red lentils!!  Yes, that’s right…red lentils!  In cookies!  That is soooo right up my alley.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE baking with healthy ingredients that you would never suspect are in there. You can’t taste them at all. These cookies are sweet and delicious.  If you are interested in the recipe, you’ll have to sign up at Once a Month Meals and wait until January when this particular menu is available.

Now, I’m going to go get the coffee pot ready so it brews just before I plan to open my eyes in the morning.  I have a feeling I’m going to really need it tomorrow (which is actually today as you are reading it).

Day 56 - Salami & Healthy Cookies


Salami and Mustard on White Whole Wheat, Pickle Spear (in parchment), Cantaloupe Chunks, Healthy Raisin Breakfast Cookies




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