Day 57 – Ham and Cheese Lunchables

Today’s lunch is a favorite…homemade lunchables.  I used ham and cheddar cheese on Triscuit crackers.  I threw in grapes, carrot sticks and yellow pepper strips for lots of vitamins.  To round it out, Banana Chocolate Chip cake for a little dessert.  I’ll, hopefully, be posting the recipe for this cake soon on Veggie Inspired Journey.  It is made without eggs, without dairy and without oil.  It still has a good bit of sugar, but overall, it’s pretty healthy.  It actually has more of a quick bread consistency, but I made it in an 8×8 baking pan, so I’m calling it cake. 🙂

Day 57 - Ham and Cheese Lunchables

Ham, Cheddar Cheese and Triscuit Homemade Lunchables; Carrot Sticks; Yellow Pepper Strips; Red Seedless Grapes; Banana Chocolate Chip Cake


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