Day 60 – Banana Ginger Pancakes

The girls requested pancakes for lunch yesterday.  I happily obliged and was thankful for leftovers I could stick in M’s lunch for today.  I made Banana Ginger Pancakes. They are so easy and the kids love them.  They are even sweet enough on their own that no syrup is needed.  The last of our red plums goes in along with a clementine.  I also found a tupperware of peanut butter filled pretzels in the pantry.  It’s probably been there longer than it should be, but M tried one and thought it was good, so other than tasting maybe a bit stale, they are fine.

Day 60 - Banana Ginger Pancakes

Banana Ginger Pancakes, Clementine Segments, Red Plum Slices, Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels


FYI:  M’s lunchbox continues to come back empty at the end of the day ever since I stopped sending a snack.  He tells me that only 1 or 2 other kids in his class do not have snack regularly and he is still fine with not having one.  He also tells me that most kids bring chips or cookies for their snack.  Oi!


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