Day 65- Salad and Granola

This turned out to be the green lunch.  I hadn’t intended it that way, it just kind of happened.  We had salad last night for dinner, so I packed some leftovers here.  In the little tin is ranch dressing. M can dip the lettuce and cucumbers in the dressing or top the lettuce with the cucumbers and pour the dressing on.  So many ways to have fun with lunch. LOL! I added a kiwi and some Gingerbread Granola because it’s National Gingerbread Day today!

I promised you guys the recipe for Gingerbread Granola several weeks ago.  I had to tweak the recipe a bit because, although it was good and the kids all loved it, it wasn’t quite flavorful enough for my standards. So, here is the new and improved version!  Please see my other blog, Veggie Inspired Journey, for the recipe.

Day 65 - Salad & Granola

Green Leaf Lettuce, English Cucumber Slices, Ranch Dressing, Kiwi Slices, Gingerbread Granola

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