Day 82 – Spiced Carrot Oat Muffin

One of my daughters is sick and started feeling really bad yesterday afternoon. She would hardly let me put her down. Luckily, I did some baking in the morning so I have a few fun things to add to M’s lunch this week. First up, Spiced Carrot Oat Muffins. A healthy muffin that could pass for a treat. It’s sweetened with just a bit with pure maple syrup and contains both apples and carrots. He’s also getting homemade hummus…it was a traditional hummus recipe with a little smoked paprika added in for flavor. Cucumbers and red pepper strips to dip in the hummus. Clementine slices as well. IMG_4849 Spiced Carrot Oat Muffin, Cucumber Slices, Red Bell Pepper Strips, Homemade Hummus, Clementine Slices


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