Day 89 – Waffle and Breakfast Sausage

Yesterday was MLK, Jr. Day, so M did not have school. It seems like we’ve had a lot of days off lately with all the holidays and the frigid temperatures. I’m not complaining!

I seem to have a theme going here lately. The last 3 of M’s lunches have all been kind of breakfast-like. Who says breakfast food is only for the morning? Not me! Especially, when it’s so easy to grab and go. 🙂

Today, M requested a blueberry waffle, grapes and red peppers. I cut the waffle into strips to make it easy for dipping in the maple syrup I poured into the little round tin. I rounded out his meal with a few of his favorite veggie breakfast sausages. Easy. Have a great Tuesday!


Blueberry Waffle Strips, Veggie Breakfast Sausages, Pure Maple Syrup (in little tin), Green Seedless Grapes, Red Bell Pepper Strips


*FYI, the recipe link to the Chocolate Chip Snack Cake I promised is now up! Banana Chocolate Chip Snack Cake


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