Day 100 – Salami & Provolone Sandwich Thin

It’s the 100th day of school today! This should have happened a few days ago, but we’ve now had 3 snow days this year, so it was pushed back a bit. I seem to remember them celebrating this occasion at school last year, but I haven’t heard about anything this year. Guess I’ll find out when M comes home from school tomorrow.

Either way, M will be excited about his lunch…salami! It’s a simple salami and provolone sandwich with a little bit of mustard for tangy flavor.

He will also be super excited about this yogurt tube, which I would never in a million years buy at the grocery store. Don’t let the dairy industry fool you, these may contain calcium, but they also likely contain as much sugar as your kids favorite candy bar. And, yes, they have good probiotics, but all that sugar probably kills all the good stuff (I’m not a nutritionist though so don’t go by what I say). Not to mention they cost an arm and a leg…buy your own plain yogurt and flavor it with real fruit…your body and your wallet with thank you. Anyhow, the girls and I stopped at Panera yesterday because I had a gift card and after all our errands and running around, I wanted to pick up an easy lunch. This yogurt tube came as a side with one of the kids’ meals. As much as I don’t like these things, I would have let them eat it since I believe that every once in a blue moon it’s not going to hurt them, however, my girls don’t really care for yogurt regardless. M gets lucky today! Wow, that was a really long paragraph about yogurt. I’m tired.

Fresh raspberries and cucumber slices round it all out.


Salami & Provolone Sandwich Thin, Cucumber Slices, Fresh Raspberries, Strawberry Yogurt Tube


4 thoughts on “Day 100 – Salami & Provolone Sandwich Thin

  1. I began making my own yogurt just after Christmas this year – it’s super easy and SO delicious. (And we get to control the sugar content!) I make it with grass fed, organic milk, and add in one vanilla bean while I’m bringing the milk to a boil – my kids love it with just a teaspoon of sugar/honey/jam per jar, which is a far cry from the 3-5 teaspoons per serving of the store bought stuff. Whole Foods also sells a vegan culture starter which can be used with any type of “milk” you prefer. If you ever want to chat about the process and how to do it, just call me – I’ve worked out all the kinks and am now consistently making delicious, homemade yogurt!


    • That’s awesome! I recently bought a 7 in 1 Instant Pot and one of the features is yogurt making! I’m really excited to try it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll definitely let you know if I have questions when I do give it a try. Thanks!


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