Day 101 – PB&J and Black Bean Brownie

Turns out M’s school did have a little celebration yesterday for the 100th day of school. The teacher even made a cute of video of each one saying they are 100 days smarter and telling of one thing they’ve learned this year. M said he’s learned about contractions and contractions need an apostrophe. Good job, buddy!

Today M requested PB&J (that never gets old for them, does it?), raspberries, string cheese and an orange. I went with grapes instead of an orange because I they just happened to be on top of the oranges in the produce drawer. 🙂 And I added a black bean brownie.

I made these brownies yesterday and although they are totally delicious, they didn’t set up quite like I had planned. So, I’m not sharing the recipe yet. I’m going to tweak it and get back to you. But, they are yummy and M had one after school yesterday and LOVED it. He has NO idea there are black beans in there and NO flour and NO sugar! What?! He loves black beans, but I have a feeling if I told him they were in his brownie, he might turn up his nose at that. Hee!Hee!


Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jelly on Organic Whole Wheat, String Cheese, Fresh Raspberries, Seedless Green Grapes, Black Bean Brownie


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