Day 103 – Cheesy Quinoa Kale Patty

Last night for dinner I made the kids strawberry, goat cheese, basil and honey quesadillas. I’m a test cook for Once A Month Meals and it was one of the recipes I’m currently testing for them. To my surprise, the kids didn’t really care for them. Good thing I had some leftovers to fall back on. These Cheesy Quinoa Kale Patties are another recipe from Once A Month Meals (the last time I test cooked for them) and we just happened to pull them out of the freezer the other night so we still had some leftovers. Why my kids prefer quinoa and kale over strawberries and honey is beyond me, but I’ll take it! M asked for one of the patties in his lunch today. They do, however, eat them with ketchup which I think is bizarre, but if it gets them to eat quinoa and kale, I’m not about to complain.


Cheesy Quinoa and Kale Patty (ketchup in the tin), Clementine, Strawberries, Carrot Sticks

*If you want more information on batch freezer cooking a whole month’s worth of meals in one day from Once A Month Meals, please click HERE. It’s only $10/month!! (*All links in this post are affiliate links).


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