Day 132 – Chicken Noodle Soup

It will be interesting to see what comes back in M’s lunch today. I asked him last night what he wanted for lunch and he said, “chicken noodle soup!” We just happen to have some leftover from a couple days ago. I’ve sent him with a thermos all of ONE time in his school career. Last time it was simply penne with marinara if I remember correctly.  He ate about one bite and later said he didn’t want to eat from a thermos. So, I never sent it again. (I was sad about this because it really limits the lunch possibilities if he refuses to take warm food.)

So, here we go…take 2. I asked him 5 or 6 times just to be sure. “You really want the chicken noodle soup? In the thermos?” Yes to both questions every time. We shall see.

Oh, and he also wanted a plum and cucumbers on the side.


Chicken Noodle Soup (in thermos), Plum Slices, Cucumber Slices

*M is off school on Friday so we’ll see you back here on Monday! Have a great weekend!


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