Day 136 – Almond Butter & Pear Jelly

I wasn’t even sure I would get a chance to make M’s lunch last night as we were in the basement warding off tornados for a couple of hours. But, all is well and the major storms passed us just to the north. We finally got the kids in bed about 2 hours after their regularly scheduled bedtime and I got to work packing the lunchbox.

Matthew requested PB&J today, but I ran out of peanut butter yesterday, so I went with almond butter instead and paired with pear jelly on Country White. Clementine, cucumbers and whole wheat crackers on the side….all as requested by the main little man himself.


Almond Butter & Pear Jelly on Country White Bread, Cucumber Slices, Clementine Segments, Whole Wheat Crackers


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