My name is Jenn.  I’m a stay-at-home wife and mother attempting to keep my family as healthy as possible through the food we eat.   I have a 6 year old son, M, who is in 1st grade.  I also have twin girls, C and K, who will be 3 in January.

This blog will feature the lunches I send with M to school each day.  My goal is to send him a healthy lunch to keep him full and able to concentrate all day. We try to stay away from processed and prepackaged foods, but let’s be honest, sometimes time is a factor.  Occasionally, there will probably be a treat in there with more sugar (or other bad things) than I care to admit.  My son eats all food groups, but heavier on the fruits/veggies/carbs and lighter on the meats/dairy.

You can follow my Pinterest Board:  Recipes – Lunchbox for lots more great lunchbox ideas!

If you are interested in all vegan/plant based recipes for any time of day, please visit my other blog, Veggie Inspired Journey.

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