Day 172 – BBQ Bean Burger

I promise I didn’t forget to post yesterday, which would have been day 171….M’s class took an outing to go bowling and they ate lunch there.

Today, M is getting a leftover BBQ Bean Burger with fruits and veggies on the side.

Happy Wednesday. Tomorrow is the LAST day of school!


BBQ Bean Burger, BBQ Sauce (in the little tin), Red Seedless Grapes, Cucumber Slices, Red Bell Pepper Strips


Day 157 – BBQ Bean Burger and Steak Fries

I was testing a new burger recipe yesterday and it turned out great! The kids loved them and M requested one in his lunch today. I thought they were pretty good too! This burger is a BBQ Kidney Bean and Kale Burger. I didn’t tell the kids there was kale in there and they wouldn’t have guessed. They thought the green flecks were herbs. 🙂 I made some yummy steak fries to go along with the burgers and, of course, they were a huge hit too!


BBQ Bean Burger on Whole What Bun, Steak Fries, Ketchup (in tin), Pickle, Cucumber Slices and Red Pepper Strips

Day 151 – Veggie Sausage Slider

Happy Monday, Friends. It’s May already. I feel like we are in the home stretch now.

Today M is getting a veggie sausage patty on a whole wheat dinner roll, so I’m calling it a veggie sausage slider! See how creative I am? LOL! On the side, a clementine, some fresh blueberries and a pickle.


Veggie Sausage Patty on a Whole Wheat Dinner Roll, Pickle, Clementine Slices, Blueberries

Day 137 – Veggie Burger Slider

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great weekend. It was gorgeous weather here finally and I just feel happier when the sun is shining!

Today, M is getting a leftover Veggie Burger Slider. I was testing out a new recipe the other day and they turned out pretty good. I think I’m going to tweak a few little things still before posting the recipe, but I’ll keep you posted!

On the side, there are fresh strawberries, green seedless grapes and a few Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies.


Veggie Burger Slider with Ketchup (in the little tin), Fresh Strawberries, Green Seedless Grapes, Cinnamon Schoolhouse Cookies

Day 121 – Curried Lentil Burger

Leftovers today! If I’m being completely honest, I didn’t care for these burgers. The flavor was okay, but they turned out a bit gummy. Not sure if I even care to try again and tweak it. But, regardless, the kids actually really liked these and M asked for one in his lunch today. One of my daughters had seconds last night and the other one ate her entire first helping (which is actually saying a lot). So, I guess they are a hit with the kids, but I’m not even about to put the recipe out there because in my book they were a fail. 🙂


Curried Lentil Burger, Ketchup (in little tin), Kiwi Slices, Green Peas, Red Bell Pepper Strips

Day 109 – Pizza Burger

Pizza burgers are on the menu today because pizza burgers were for dinner last night and I purposely made a double batch. All the flavors of pizza in a meatless patty. The kids loved them. I served them with marinara sauce last night, but M wanted ketchup today.

I don’t have a recipe yet as I’m still tweaking it. The flavors are great, but its too soft for my liking. It’s a work in progress.


Pizza Burger, Ketchup (in little tin), Kiwi Slices, Carrot Sticks, String Cheese

Day 103 – Cheesy Quinoa Kale Patty

Last night for dinner I made the kids strawberry, goat cheese, basil and honey quesadillas. I’m a test cook for Once A Month Meals and it was one of the recipes I’m currently testing for them. To my surprise, the kids didn’t really care for them. Good thing I had some leftovers to fall back on. These Cheesy Quinoa Kale Patties are another recipe from Once A Month Meals (the last time I test cooked for them) and we just happened to pull them out of the freezer the other night so we still had some leftovers. Why my kids prefer quinoa and kale over strawberries and honey is beyond me, but I’ll take it! M asked for one of the patties in his lunch today. They do, however, eat them with ketchup which I think is bizarre, but if it gets them to eat quinoa and kale, I’m not about to complain.


Cheesy Quinoa and Kale Patty (ketchup in the tin), Clementine, Strawberries, Carrot Sticks

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