Day 167 – Penne w/ Quinoa Tomato Sauce

Happy Wednesday!

M is getting pasta leftovers today along with his favorite fruit!


Penne w/ Quinoa Tomato Sauce, Cantaloupe Chunks


Day 145 – Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs

Happy Friday, Friends!

Last night’s dinner was spaghetti with Veggie “Meat” Sauce and Turkey Meatballs. The turkey meatballs were Trader Joe’s brand and the kids loved them. The Veggie “Meat” Sauce we all also loved. The texture resembles meat, but it’s all finely chopped veggies. Yum! This recipe is from the lovely Sophia at Veggies Don’t Bite. Check it out!

On the side is a clementine and a Cinnamon Chickpea Blondie! You guys MUST check out my new recipe for these awesome blondies! They are soft and fudge in the center with a little bit of a crackly top…so delicious…and healthier than your average blondie.

Enjoy your weekend!


Leftover Spaghetti w/ Veggie Meat Sauce and Turkey Meatballs, Clementine, Cinnamon Chickpea Blondie

Days 139 and 140 – Leftover Spaghetti and Leftover Vegan Crab Cake

So, apparently I forgot to post yesterday. Oops! Don’t worry, I didn’t forgot to send M to school with his lunch. He had leftover spaghetti from the night before with a side of grapes and some M&Ms (we are still slowly doling out the Easter candy…it will probably last until Halloween).


On to today’s lunch. I made the most amazing vegan crab cakes for dinner last night. I’m telling you – the taste, texture, smell – it was JUST like the real deal. They were made with artichokes instead of crab!! Genius! The recipe is from Kristy Turner’s new cookbook But I Could Never Go Vegan and is featured on the blog, Vegan Yack Attack. If you have ever been interested in plant based food, this is definitely a recipe to try!!


Artichoke “Crab” Cake (ketchup in tin – you know M doesn’t dip in anything but ketchup!), Green Beans, Red Bell Pepper Strips, Clementine Segments

Day 44 – Parmesan Noodles

We had pasta with veggie bolognese Tuesday night for dinner.  I used up the rest of the sauce already, but still had noodles leftover.  So, today M is getting those noodles mixed with a bit of veggie broth and parmesan cheese.  We also had leftover peas from Monday night’s dinner and he actually requested to have those in his lunch! Threw in some clementine slices to complete the meal.

Day 44 - Parmesan Noodles

Day 17 – Soba Noodle Stirfy

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s Friday.  For some reason, this week’s lunch packing has felt difficult.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t send M with anything all too great. I was feeling uninspired.  This lunch, however, is pretty decent.  We had this stir fry for dinner last night and all the kids loved it.  I think it’s the peanut sauce that makes it so kid friendly.  The recipe is coming soon, but for now, here is a sneak peak.

Day - 17 Soba Stirfry


Soba Noodle Stirfy, Organic Red Grapes, Kiwi Slices