Day 165 – Cheese Quesadillas

It’s clean out the fridge time! We are running low on food in the house and I won’t be grocery shopping for a few more days so we are making due. The kids had cheese quesadillas yesterday for dinner and I had a little leftover to send M in his lunch today. He’s also getting the remainder of the raspberries, an apple and a chocolate chip bar that I made with leftover quinoa (shhh, don’t tell M…he claims to not like quinoa). I am working on perfecting this Quinoa Chocolate Chip Bar, so stay tuned to Veggie Inspired for the recipe sometime in the future.


Cheese Quesadillas, Apple Slices, Fresh Raspberries, Quinoa Chocolate Chip Bar


Day 164 – Fig Bar

Is anyone else feeling lazier about packing the lunchbox as we draw nearer to the end of the school year? Maybe it’s just me.

Today, M will be enjoying a Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar, Cucumber Slices, Clementine and a few slices of hard salami.


Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar, Cucumber Slices, Clementine Segments, Hard Salami Slices